Reality + Freedom


                I’ll admit it, I’m really happy. And people often say things like “you deserve it” or “looks like you’re doing well” or “I love your Instagram” or “you make that look so easy…” Here’s the big secret: IT’S NOT EASY, I (almost) hate Instagram, I have no idea how I’m doing and I don’t “deserve” anything. I make effort to CHOOSE happiness whenever I can through out every moment of every day. Sometimes it is really, really difficult, sometimes I cry myself to sleep, sometimes I drink too much wine (or rum), sometimes I scroll like a zombie through Instagram for way too long and sometimes I just want to scream.

                Today I decided to take a break from social media. It has been 7 minutes since I posted and I already feel a huge weight lift from my being. I have always said, “If I didn’t need it for my business I wouldn’t use it.” I am taking the next few days to get out the blog posts I’ve been writing in my head or holding in my heart. Writing has been a lifelong passion of mine. Anytime I make a social media post I feel like there is more I want to say, and I know many people scroll right by the captions anyways (because I do it too…). I started this post on June 15, so this is something I’ve been thinking about for a little while. Independence Day was spent unplugged and it felt so good that I decided to embrace the Freedom of summertime.

                In addition to blogging, teaching, working on the website, cleaning the studio and writing emails, I am prepping for the 6 week yoga teacher training at the studio that starts next week. Enrollment has almost doubled in size for the program this year and I love teaching this course. Training others to be yoga teachers and sharing in the journey of what it means to be a “yogi” has been the biggest gift my teaching has given me so far. The time we spend in the studio learning, trying, falling, laughing, struggling and conquering fills my heart. Another (newer) passion of mine is teaching yoga. I am so lucky to share it with you and I also love these days spent prepping for the weekly intensives!!

                I do it because I love it, not because it is “easy” or glamorous. I take risks and seek opportunity because I enjoy growing and trying new things, I don’t “deserve” anything. And lastly, I share love, happiness and peace with the world because that is what I think it needs the most.

                A genuine thank you for following on Instagram, for liking all the amazing photos, for reviewing our page on Facebook and for going above and beyond for making Grateful Yoga both Great and Full. The online community makes a huge difference in awareness today.

And another paramount thank you for reading my blog, coming to the yoga studio, bringing your friends, enrolling in teacher training, coming on a tropical retreat, jumping on a paddle board and sharing your practice. This community gives the studio life.

I love you. See you soon. Hasta luego. Namaste.