What if every time we meet someone new it is actually just an opportunity for knowledge? What if each time something emerges from the unexpected it shines new light on the unknown? What if we are all just giant vibrations that both intelligently and randomly bounce off and roll towards one another? Just sayin… What if we didn’t take things too seriously?

                There is this great meme that reads “Relax. Nothing is under control.” And at some point we come to that ultimate surrender, Samadhi, beyond tension, judgement and opinion. This bliss is simply the most pure and natural state of being, unobstructed by sensation and thought. We obtain this state by practicing it over and over again, which often looks like meditation or yoga. Through revisiting this idea of purity, light and goodness it begins to permeate our being. Once fully saturated with this peacefulness, it radiates outwards and others become aware of it. They come to you saying, “You probably think I’m crazy but…” and you smile.

                It really is that simple. Between the chaos, the traffic jams and oblivious drivers, the long lines and broken nails, the bad choices and inevitable mistakes, there is always truth, Satya. This truth does not disappear, it gets covered up, or maybe blinded. If we can align our daily actions, duties and passions with this truth than we have succeeded in the way of yoga.