Last night I drove the long way home down a dirt road from my childhood. I had spent the whole day indoors, 9 glorious hours of meetings, classes, screen time, more meetings… The day really flew by and I found myself confused. What was I lacking? I enjoyed each interaction of my day, laughed a lot and practiced yoga with the sunrise. Fresh air. I had the need to be in the atmosphere, to feel the sun on my face and to meditate. Earlier in the day a friend had mentioned watching the beautiful clouds, so I did.

                As I sat on a log I closed my eyes and quickly recovered from a long day spent indoors. I have created a space in both the studio and the office where I actually ENJOY the time spent there. Since I have opened the private sanctuary space which doubles as my office I now have the ability to spend time at work during while there are classes in the studio. I realized last night that I am so in love with the studio time doesn’t seem to matter when I’m there. Rather than get down about spending time indoors I decided to embrace this beautiful space I get to call “work”.

                Then I opened my eyes and looked at the clouds again… They were moving fast, changing from dark to light and back again, some wispy white and others a heavy gray, getting more beautiful by the second. I wondered if the reason we long for the outdoors, the open space, is because it offers us freedom. Amidst the moving, changing clouds, erratic gusts of wind and hot/cold temperatures there is a sense that everything is as it should be. Trust. And maybe the reason we struggle with finding space like that indoors (office, home, car, etc) is because it feels unnatural, or like “something” isn’t quite right.

                Take care of your space. Cherish your belongings. When things no longer serve you get rid of them, when the space feels stale move things around a little bit, learn some cleansing mantras, burn some incense, put energy into your space so that it can feed your wellbeing. And then at the end of the day, remember the power of fresh air and nature. After 5 years of yoga study and practice I finally feel that most of the spaces in my life have been made to be sacred. Find the beauty in the desk at work, cultivate peace and order in your car, create a home that demands respect and offers welcoming whispers when you walk through the door.

 “Space is the breath of art.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright