I can’t believe I’m part of a 4th annual anything. To be honest, I couldn’t even spend 4 years in college. After 1.5 years off I went to school. Then took another semester off midway to drive across the country with maybe hopes of never returning. But I did, and 1.5 years later I graduated just to get it out of the way. Within 10 months I started teaching yoga and I haven't stopped since…

The FebrYOUary challenge came about because a group of us had committed to pursuing a specific new and personally challenging pose in the new year of 2013. We took the month of FebrYOUary to honor our intention to better ourselves by self-love and attention. If you don’t take care of yourself there is a chance no one else will be able to. Four years later many of us are still pursuing those postures and we are some of the happiest humans I know. This is a thank you to any one who has ever honored their true self with love and light. It is not easy to wake up and put your best-self forward, but it sure feels good to try! FebrYOUary is about taking that time, at least once a day for 5 minutes every day, to self-care. Get outside, read poetry, color, create, practice yoga, sing, go for a walk, close your eyes, breathe, drink a cup of tea, write a letter, or just be still.

I am on a journey towards becoming the best self that I can be, so that I may continue to learn, grow and humbly serve my students in love and in light. These yogis who come to their mats year after year, but more importantly DAY AFTER DAY to pay attention and look within. When we practice yoga, we self-care and when we self-care, we begin to care for others. What I have learned the most from this month long challenge is that we create our own boundaries. They are there for a reason, not to define us, to push us beyond. Yoga has allowed me to be centered and grounded while expanding far beyond those limits I once had in my mind. I am grateful every day.

Whether you have been practicing self-love your whole life or this is your first time, welcome to the FebrYOUary Yoga Challenge 2017. I encourage you to share this movement of self-love with the people around you. If we can remember that we are all together, we are strong and we are love then maybe the days will continue to get brighter, slowly. over time…. with lots and lots of practice.

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“Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.”

-Sri K Pattabhi Jois