On Womanhood: Part 2

This is not over.

My first post on Womanhood from a few days ago turned into more of a wake up call than anything else. Now that we have marched by the millions to unite in support of a life of love and acceptance I’m having a whole new wave of womanhood washing over me. Saturday I gathered with students ranging in age from teenagers to senior citizens, I saw friends from my childhood bus stop, my family showed support from around the world and strangers filled the streets around me.

                As a business owner, young adult AND a woman, people are often surprised that all three could be possible at once. Honestly, I’m pretty blown away myself most days! It is incredible to see what we are possible as humans, women, friends and lovers. Truthfully, I think that each human has immense capability to initiate change, and it usually starts with your own life. We can wake up every morning and set our intentions towards goodness, light, hard work, tolerance and change, we just can’t let anything get in our way. When people come together in groups that power is amplified and I think this is revolution; progressive change on a grand scale.

                Female energy is about growth, tranquility, reflection, nourishment, a gentle curving, ebb + flow, fullness, beauty, nature and harmony. Honor the female in all things. Do not forget about our planet. We are all together.