Ok. I posted the other day about this feeling I get at times with this thought, "now is the moment I've been training for my entire life..." Then I LOL about it and think, why not? What if we could trust in both our selves and the universe to give us total preparation for the present moment, and even more, to continue to provide into the future? It could be so simple. We all have times, some call them low or dark or lazy... But it's the determination to live the best life at each given moment that proves the most happiness. Resiliency is the word.

The list of human capabilities goes on and on, humans can do a LOT! But trusting is not one of the ones we see a lot of. Satya is the Sanskrit word for truthfulness, part of the yamas, or first step in pursuing yoga. Each of us, each thing that exists in the world, originates from a single truth, purity, essence, spirit, light, whatever you want to call it, a hard space to define. Every experience in this life is merely an expansion or contraction, from or to that point. So practicing yoga encourages a return to the origin, with constant expansion through universal awareness. Ebb + flow, yin + yang, in + out.

I'm trying to keep it simple, so I hope I haven't lost you yet. Truly each moment is a combination of all of the forces leading up to that point and there are so many forces moving around that the best thing we can do is live in honesty, truth, or satya. Truth to our selves and the world around us. I don't know why it's so hard, but so far everything worth while in my life has not been easy to train for. There is no right way, there is only the way you choose to go. Be patient, follow the truth as is speaks to you, be vibrant and practice, practice, practice...