How to Turn Your Life Into One Big Yoga Retreat


Chrissy Lefavour Spills the Beans:

How to Turn Your Life Into One Big Yoga Retreat

                Spoiler alert: still not in it for the money. Many of the yogis of the world struggle with creating balanced yoga practice that can fit into each and every day of the week. The simple solution is to learn more about yoga so that you begin to discover ways yoga already exists in your life. Everything we do today is like practicing for tomorrow. Yoga takes form as discipline, or practice, which leads to a state of union, or harmony, samadhi. Humans are always striving for peace in daily life and there are numerous things we do to increase our efficiency, matching the potential and the actual, input = output. For instance, I like to keep my money organized by dollar amount, I always leave my toothbrush in the same spot, sometimes I cook a large meal and eat left overs through out the week… This is the human condition.


                We all have a certain number of resources available both internally and externally. As far as “yoga retreat” goes, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and visit the beach if it’s not in your budget. Remember that this information is coming from someone who sells Caribbean Yoga Retreats as part of her livelihood. “Wouldn’t it be nice to practice yoga twice a day, eat fresh food and get fresh air daily?”… You can!! There are tons of people out there practicing in their homes, buying monthly unlimited classes at the studio, mumbling three repetitions of mantra in the car, taking a deep breath instead of flipping someone off, subscribing to youtube channels, learning five-minute meditations, using apps, getting creative. Daily practice does not mean stepping on a mat and doing Sun Salutations. Remember yoga takes form in discipline but ultimately gives way to union, or freedom, or surrender; the moments in life when we feel at ease, content and blissful.

                I’ve never actually attended a yoga retreat as a non-instructor. But I’m starting to believe that any yogi with a daily practice is living in retreat. If you feel best on the days when you practice yoga, why not practice everyday? Use the resources out there, and if that means spending the cash to get away and visit a beautiful new country then hit me up! If not, still hit me up! Let’s get creative together. Ask questions to your yoga teachers. Look for the best deals. Go to donation based classes. Use the internet. Read a book. Support the movement towards union and harmony on a personal level first.  Yoga is available, accessible and awesome…