The BRG (Big Racist Giant)

This is one I wrote at the end of October (Holloween to be exact, SPOOKY) and didn't publish because I felt like it wasn't complete, like I wanted to say more... I read it again today and still want to share. More like a anecdote than a blog post! Anything for a little bit of awareness. Here ya go:

When something continues to haunt me all day I just have to write about. This Halloween I met a racist man on the beach of the Dominican Republic. On a particularly spooky day where appearances are everything, I tried to release my judgement as a large white man approached me with his first question, “Do you speak English?” Yes, it’s the truth, so it was my answer. Within 10 minutes I knew his weight, how long he had been kiting and where he was from, none of which I asked nor cared to know. He wanted to know more about where to go out and I mentioned the slow-season, but also encouraged him to check out the surf competition or jazz fest this weekend. Then I excused myself for a bottle of water and went to sit in the shade. He was there again within maybe 5 minutes.

                Dominicans always ask if they can sit with you before they plop down, this man did not. I find myself feeling nauseous at this point, whether it’s the heat and humidity or the icky vibes coming from this over-tanned giant. He proceeds to inform me that it is very hard to meet people here when there is no wind, it is his first visit to the island and wants to know why I’m here. I tell him about my incredible boyfriend, about yoga retreats and about how much I love the lifestyle. His response is unimpressive, the nightlife scene here is “depressing” and he has “hardly seen any white people”. Oops, I threw up in my mouth a little…

                So I excuse myself a second time and as I get up to walk away he says, like a whiny child, “You’re leaving meeee?” Yes, again it was the truth and I even wished him a great trip. The only other option was to projectile vomit on the poor, privileged white boy from Jersey with no friends.