Keep it (REALLY) simple.

                It has been 20 summers since I started riding horses and it will be the 20th winter I’ve been on a snowboard. Thank you, Vermont and thank you, my family. But there must be a reason these things are a part of my life, right? I’m sitting here trying to think of anything else I’ve done for 20+ years… Love my family, write in a journal, smile, swim and there are a few friends I’ve had for that long, too. To say that I’m am a product of my environment is an understatement. I create and inhabit my environment constantly. It is the connection moment to moment that translates into something more. The longstanding relationships we form over time with things like nature, loved ones and our bodies give us consistency, or flavor, but also keep us grounded in what really matters.

                The Sanskrit word for seed is bija. A bija is more than just where something comes from, it is the essence that vibrates in our soul from the moment we come into existence. Everything in the universe vibrates, or hums, at a certain frequency. I believe that the things which fill us with the most love and light must vibe well with our inner most being, that place from where we originate and to where we will one day return. It can be tough to feel this harmony at all amongst the busy-ness and stress we face each day, but with lots of svadyaya (self-study) I’m starting to figure out what works for me.

               I recently wrote myself a note: “Eat better. Practice often. Go outside. Sleep + relax.” This reminder has stuck on my bureau for three months now. Sometimes I get away from my core values and this helps me remember what is really important for me on a daily basis. Nourishment, movement + change, fresh air and peace. Yoga philosophy is very simple, while the mind tends to complicate things the heart is just searching for stillness and bliss. Look for the things in life that have done this for you in the past and when/if they don’t work anymore, try something new! Try not to question the constant connection to what you love. Do what you can to help yourself out, chances are you’ll also help the people around you by practicing what you love every day, even if it’s just by accident.