Smile when no one is watching

                In the last few weeks I have caught myself laughing out loud when I’m all by myself quite a few times. I’ve always been one to try and smile more, and I definitely talk to myself, but the LOLing while I’m solo is new. Calling to mind times in your life when you’ve had silly thoughts, crazy dreams or wild experiences can easily boost your mood. While having friends and family around is a great way to ensure happiness it is vitally important to find joy in yourself.

                Fear often keeps us from enjoying our SELVES to the fullest. It comes in many forms and often manifests as stress or anxiety in life. If enough money doesn’t come in each month how will the bills get paid? If we go out to eat alone what will people think? If choosing to stay in over the weekend keeps us from seeing friends will they still want to hang out next week? The truth is we lack control over anything other than the self so depending solely on the external can be very dangerous. Actually now it sounds scarier than relying on the self… Ultimately there’s nothing wrong with being around friends or having a well-paying job, keeping our cup full is very nourishing. But if other beings are the only means to a full cup, what happens when we are alone?

                Try to find ways to spend time with yourself that make you feel bright. Read a favorite book, sit in the sunshine, make art, listen to music, meditate or cook a meal. And the next time you do, smile. Practice smiling more when you’re alone, who knows, you might just start cracking up at yourself. Laughter and smiling is nothing more than a pure expression of joy. Soak in the goodness of YOU. And once you’ve got that down, share your smile with everyone. Don’t hold onto it for only yourself. What good is all of this self-love if we can’t radiate that love out into the universe? That’s what this is all about, sustainable sources of love and light from within (trust me, it’s already in there, you just have to nurture it!!). Cultivate love for yourself now and every day for the rest of your life.

 Laugh at yourself and dare to be alone.