Grateful Yogi: October

Name + Hometown: Susan Koch~Montpelier

Current favorite posture: Side Plank and Headstand are some favorites. I also like "Thread the Needle"

How long have you been practicing yoga? One Year!( almost exactly)

Why do you continue to practice? I feel my best when challenging my body and my mind during yoga practice. I used to feel frustrated with my knees because they were painful due to arthritis. I now respect them, take care of them, and feel pleased when they are strong, and can help me in a pose.


How has yoga changed your life? Yoga has changed my life, by helping me to appreciate my body. I have also enjoyed the balance offered by yoga. I have practiced some breathing techniques at challenging moments at work, and have practiced loving kindness instead of becoming stuck and frustrated.

Words of encouragement to new yogis: Keep going! Each time you practice, you will notice changes. I have fun in every class, and feel inspired to push myself to my best ability that day.

Anything else you would like to share? The Grateful Yoga studio is a warm and welcoming environment. I instantly felt part of the community, even as a complete newbie to yoga. People are very friendly, caring and generous,and are quick to offer encouragement and good energy. Chrissy creates a lovely setting to learn together, and grow together. I am grateful to practice yoga with the community at Grateful Yoga.

Words from Chrissy: What is most inspiring about Susan is her ability to inspire those around her. I have had the joy of working in Susan's 1st grade classroom this year and the students look at her with sparkles in their eyes, it makes me want to re-do first grade. Susan's enthusiasm in class creates a sense of "I can", especially during challenging postures like headstand or forearm stand. Making a commitment to practice is not easy, but Susan has done it gracefully and I am honored to have watched her practice grow since she started just a year ago!!! She will try a new posture, laugh out loud at herself when it's tricky and then try again. Thank you, Susan!