Grateful Yogi: November

Over the summer Levi West began taking classes at Grateful Yoga. Chrissy continues to mentor Levi as he furthers his studies for a senior year project at Randolph High School. Since then, three other high school students have pursued yoga as a part of their Community Based Learning program at Montpelier High School. We are honored to highlight Levi's progress and look forward to more inspiration from our future. What I'm trying to say is, these kids are really awesome...

Yogi of the Month: November

Name/Hometown: Levi West, Randolph, VT

Favorite Postures: Inversions, back bends.

How long have you been practicing yoga? Five months.

Why did you begin to study yoga? Inspiration? I needed a senior project that would challenge me, but I also wanted to do something that would benefit my body. There are a couple teachers at my school that practice yoga and hearing how much they enjoy it had me curious.

How has yoga changed your life, mind and body? Yoga has helped me change the way I look at the world, we don't need to try to take on the world, just live one moment at a time. It has also helped me to respect my body, understand pain limits and appreciate flexibility and improvement.

What would you say to a beginner? Especially those who are athletes? Don't be embarrassed to try yoga and don't be ashamed if you enjoy it. Practice daily even if it's just for a little bit of time and try to practice post competition to help with relaxing muscles and mind. Also not to get discouraged, flexibility will increase, your core will strengthen and you will be able to complete complex poses. 

Words from Chrissy: There is a saying that great teachers are truly measured by the greatness of their students. Levi has taken on yoga with his heart and soul. People are always surprised when they build heat, or sweat, in yoga class and when Levi came to his first class I think that's what made him want to come back. Tapas is a Sanskrit term for "purification through heat" and is a driving concept behind the physical, energetic and spiritual practices of yoga. The practice speaks for itself with Levi, his postures, focus and attitude are all positive and forward moving. Thank you, Levi!!