Tough Love


              I am writing in a cry to your inner flame. If you didn’t know about it, it’s in there and it’s talking to you. Most people have too much bullshit constantly swirling in their mind to hear or feel this small space within the heart, the atman or soul. If we actually kindle that “small” fire by giving it air, space, time and love, it will grow and become clear. It will literally BURN AWAY THE BULLSHIT.

              So please, whoever you are, cut the crap and follow your heart. I know you have families, jobs, investments, friends, enemies, benefits, welfare, pets, plans, obligations, calendars and much more. If they don’t bring you joy or clarity, then they may not be the healthiest choice for you. Simply taking away the habits the make you feel depleted won’t be enough, you will also have to fill those spots with something that does offer you some peace and happiness. In walks guilt, where once people convince themselves to be happy, they begin to wonder if they are really worthy of this bliss.

              OF COURSE YOU ARE! I tell all the students who come through the teacher training that we are in desperate need of more happy, healthy humans in this world. My hope is simple, that people can find a way to live life that makes them feel HAPPY + HEALTHY every single day. There are lots of things you can read or people you can talk to about these to subjects, but the results start to come once you practice. Do your research and try stuff out. The studies are out on Yoga + Meditation, if you’re into new age science just use google or if your old school try reading the Yoga Sutras, a classic firsthand account of the effects and benefits of the practices.


              Yesterday someone said to me, “Kitesurfers really need yoga…” to which I responded, “Most people need more yoga in their lives.” How much time do we spend each day winding ourselves up, preparing for the future, dwelling on the past, preoccupied with opinions + differences? What if we redirected that time to letting go, being focused on the present task or moment, making progress in a positive direction, curious and open to connection + unity? Or even half of our time? Five or ten minutes a day is a good place to start; meditation, deep breathing, sun salutations, sitting in nature, whatever floats your boat. And as your practice grows, you will realize that this work is good work, it is hard work and it is important work.

              Bringing health and happiness is not my job, it’s yours. That “little” light in me, it’s shining straight towards the light in you. I can give you a 100% guarantee that if you’re reading this right now, it’s in there talking back. Try to listen, take the time, do the work and try to enjoy it. This is why we have yoga studios, friends + family, adventures and obstacles in life; so when that little flame gets covered up, something starts to spark it back up. If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you: or on Instagram @vtyogini.