Anything is Possible

Foreword: I wrote this last week, and I was just sitting in the 90 degree Dominican heat thinking about the recent 90 degree Vermont heat. Then I got nostalgic and started to reflect... Here's a tiny piece of my heart from a few days back. I can't believe I haven't blogged for 2 months. I promise I've written more like this that I just never shared. Basically I taught a 6 week intensive yoga teacher training and then I was chasing the wind for a few weeks. We're back! I love you. Writing from the land of giant, buttery avocados... Come visit me in the DR! xo


September 21, 2017:

                Autumn in Vermont arrived this year with urgency. While the leaves change from a lush summer green to a vibrant yellow, rusty orange and sometimes screaming red I am so grateful for change. It smells like dry leaves, which maybe doesn’t sound that great if you’ve never smelled it, but trust me it is a divine potpourri that whiffs by with a hint of spice, like freshly baked cookies… It’s not just fall in Vermont that has me feeling extremely alive. Around the world change feels imminent right now. With wildfires, earthquakes and hurricanes ripping across the planet I can’t help but feel more and more grateful for this earth, the atmosphere around it and the cosmos beyond. I feel sorry for anything we’ve ever done to harm it, and everything we continue to do.

                When I start to think expansively like this I get overwhelmed. But in this moment I’m realizing that maybe when I am overwhelmed (with change, love, happiness, despair) is when I start to think expansively. I find so much comfort in knowing that I am simply a tiny part in something much bigger than myself. None of my shit matters, so why hold on to it? Get rid of it, let go, purge, be free. THE EARTH IS CALLING!!!

                Yesterday I had lunch with Barbara and we were talking about “waking up” and how amazing it is to meet people and surround yourself with people who are waking up, opening up, to the same reality as you. We are out there! If we can just continue to do the work then maybe a few more will carry on and do the same. Let it trickle out… Make it happen. It is not easy to live in love, but we have to try. Practice.