Yoga Dudes: Third Edition

I am honored to present the next edition of Yoga Dudes featuring Bibby Burgos. Bibby is currently enrolled in the teacher training program with Grateful Yoga. He is learning in English, his second language, and we are so lucky to have him on the squad!

Yoga Dudes: 3rd Edition

Bibby Burgos

How long have you been practicing yoga? Since March 2017.


Why do you wish to practice yoga? Because it is very healthy. I like the moderate diet, the routine of Ashtanga yoga has brought balance to my system. It feels so great when I inhale and exhale in every pose. I feel like I can express myself and balance daily life. I want to know more and more about yoga and the body. Practice is never the same day to day.

What are your favorite yoga postures? Virabhadrasana A or Warrior 1, Childs Pose crawling hands to both sides and Paschimottonasana (seated forward fold)

Have your body and mind changed since you started yoga? Yes, in a positive way. I think my brain doesn’t need to think all the time. I am more careful and aware of where I go, with who I go and about what I speak. My body is more flexible and the way I breathe is stronger, I’m not snoring as much at night… My lungs are stronger, more stamina.


What other things to you do to stay healthy? Sports like surfing, kitesurfing, spearfishing, diving, eating well, not drinking alcohol and staying away from bad energy.

Why should more men practice yoga? It is something vital for so many positive benefits. It doesn’t mean that yoga is going to be everything, but it means that everything is going to be yoga. Because it is healthy and fun. It helps in daily life with making big decisions, relaxing and clearing the mind.

Anything else? Savasana gives me a headache sometimes. It is always there like “WoooOOooo”. It’s a very great pose because all of your body is just lying on the ground, so you feel connected and whole. It’s hard to release the mind and be free for a while, that’s why it’s hard for me to have a quiet savasana sometimes. I need to be very focused.

 To learn more about Bibby follow him on Instagram: @kitelegendyoga and visit his website: Join us in the #movetomeditate challenge Nov 24-30, 2017!