Runway musings...


         I am sitting on a plane headed back to the mainland, the 48 states in our country connected by land, the land of the free. Free to believe, to choose, to be different... Everywhere around me there are sights, sounds and smells of different cultures. I am by far the blondest and the whitest person in sight, a refreshing sigh of relief brings a smile to my face. I travel because I am a seeker. Seeking authenticity, generosity, knowledge and peace. I met a man who told me "wisdom is more valuable than silver and gold." So many members of my home country are preoccupied with  material wealth, but it is only a crutch. Our experiences, values and inspirations that bring richness to life and spirit. 
         After being searched twice through airport security, once leaving the DR and again entering the US, patted down head to toe, bags unpacked and repacked (my carefully rolled and folded clothes left amuck!), perfectly good tampons ripped open in front of my face while I can't help but giggle with the female TSA agent standing by my side, I have a new feeling. The TSA agents then offer me a Coca Cola. They smile, and shake my hand. I say Gracias, and I'm on my way home...
          This feeling is one of embrace. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be different and explore the differences that other human beings can share. Opening my mind and heart to the universe brings us all back together at the end of the day. There is so little that we can control, but we must at least control ourselves and our minds. If we can't do this, then how can we expect others to do the same? Find commonalities within change. Seek peace amidst chaos. Create silence among noise. Choose love, don't hate. I can't stress the importance of being pushed out of your comfort zone. So many people feel "uncomfortable" or self-conscious in their first yoga class... Guess what, we ALL feel uncomfortable in yoga class sometimes! I felt hella uncomfortable getting my physical person and belongings searched in public (TWICE), but I survived. Surrender to what may or may not happen today or tomorrow. React in a way that brings positivity and light to the situation. You really are free to choose. If at times you feel trapped simply look for the inner light and let it shine forth. Choose freedom, enjoy the moment, be great and live full!

One day while my light is glowin',
I'll be in my castle golden
But until the gates are open,
I just want to
Feel this moment

-Pitbull feat Christina Aguilera, "Feel This Moment"