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BODY HIGH: Arm Balancing & Inversions Playshop

BODY HIGH: Arm Balancing & Inversions Playshop 


With Sarah Lesser

When we get inverted we provide our bodies with an impressively long list of health benefits in our physical bodies as well as our energetic or subtle bodies. Getting our feet in the air utilizes gravity to move oxygen rich blood to our hearts and brains which in turn invigorates the body and mind, improves mental functions, calms the nervous system, increases immunity, and builds confidence... all of which makes us FEEL SO GOOD! That incredible feeling when you melt down into child's pose after gracefully (or not, it's all good!) exiting your headstand is more than just excitement about nailing a new pose- it's chemical, it's energetic, you're actually feeling endorphins and prana flowing through you. This playshop (cause why work when you can play?!) is all about finding that warm, glowing feeling through a variety of arm and hand balances! 

Expect a good warm up, relevant body mechanics and alignment info, yummy stretches and prep poses, strength and conditioning exercises specifically tailored to each posture we'll be playing in, and a chance to practice any and every arm balance/ inversion (and learn how to safely fall out/ exit) in a welcoming, supportive environment where you can feel free and safe to truly play around and try new things. This playshop is OPEN TO ALL LEVELS and all people! 

Please reach out to Sarah if you have any questions and to pay/sign up! Text 802.522.0517 or email Signing up ahead of time is encouraged! 
$25 cash, check or venmo