Flashback Friday

I wrote this at the end of last month.... I never published it. I write a lot of blogs posts that I never publish, but I'm trying to get it all out there so expect some flashbacks as I uncover them in the next few weeks!!!


                I’ve been writing two blog posts in my head for the last few days, this is neither of those… I woke up this morning with a sense of urgency. The desire was no less than GET OUT OF BED. The rain, thunder and lightning were offering some sort of greeting this morning. A relief from the usual morning heat and stillness in the air I went to the balcony and rolled out my yoga mat. I probably practiced for 45 minutes or an hour, nothing crazy, but I felt so strong. On days like today I am reminded that every day we wake up stronger than we did before, more open to love and more full of experience. On the days when we don’t have that want to get out of bed we learn something, too. Work is hard, life is tough, time is unpredictable, and it’s all worth it.

                When the rain makes me cry, I feel it more than anything. Today with thunder in my heart I breathed deeply, lightning challenged my steady gaze and made me smile; I practiced until the balcony was too slippery from the rain blowing in. Indulge in the prana that surrounds you. The connection between self and other is undeniable, so embrace those moments of union. Whether it feels physical, emotional, spiritual or all of the above, these connections are real. The empty bank accounts and credit card debt aren’t going to bring us enlightenment, but they might keep us up at night. So, YES take care of your responsibilities and YES find the beauty in it every moment of every day.

                It is May 31, so I just paid my monthly bills. It is a day I dislike every month, but funny how when I pay them all sooner than the last day I feel proud… Life is an epic practice of svadyaya (Self-study). I am constantly surprised at how many of the answers are already inside of me. Pratyahara is the fifth limb of Ashtanga Yoga, the practice of turning the senses inward. It is scary sometimes to look at our own fears, dreams, losses and accomplishments without judgement but our hearts all want the same thing, peace. I found peace in the pouring rain this morning. Cultivate peace in your own life so that it may be accessible to the world. And remember that we learn what makes us peaceful often from the times of chaos or restlessness.