I love yoga.

                At the beginning of the 1900’s a man named Tirumalai Krishnamacharya had studied yoga his entire life and was advised to teach yoga by his own guru. Not just “teach yoga” but teach everyone, bring it to the people, let it spread goodness in the world, do yoga but also BE in the world, do the WORK. By living this practice, Krishnamacharya spread the knowledge of yoga so widely and with such passion that we can thank him for many of our practices today, especially Ashtanga and Vinyasa. He did this at first by giving lectures and providing public demos of crazy asanas, yoga postures, that would inspire people to learn about their body, their breath and eventually their spirit. He later started a school in Mysore and the rest is history...

                In my teacher training I remember Kathy saying something along the lines of, “if you teach and live what you love, you may inspire someone else to do the same.” As I complete my 5th year of Ashtanga practice I am starting to understand that while this balance of love and life is not always easy, it’s always the best. I love to write, travel and do yoga. This year I have opportunities to do all three, and if you think about it, we could do each one on a daily basis! And if by some miracle I inspire another human to pursue happiness because I demo my choice to be happy AMAP (as much as possible) then I would be so psyched and honored.

                I know it sounds crazy, and maybe a little cliché, but yoga makes you happy. And not just rolling around on your mat, but learning about the Eight Limbs, reading the ancient texts, integrating yoga into your lifestyle just a little bit, getting to know it. I declared 2017 the year without walls and it feels so good! Get happy people. The bullshit won’t disappear but it looks a lot better when you’re smiling!!!