Reflections on a Spider Bite

                At the age of 28 I have had two of the most bizarre physical reactions in my life. I experienced hives all over my body one morning, which only lasted for about 2 days… And then 4 weeks ago I was bitten by a spider, 4 times on the right side of my body, in my sleep. The next three weeks proceeded with ridiculous permutations from bite to bruise to hives to dry skin from the back of my right knee and up to the underarm. While I had times where I thought I would never return to my original form, there were others where I fantasized about gaining some sort of spidey sense. Through intense healing, namely rest, mantra, herbal remedies (tea, salve, capsules), Epsom salt baths and more mantra I am extremely happy to feel back to a balanced, healthy being.

                Rather than assume the sky is falling, I recalled something I have heard of called the Saturn return. This astrological alignment begins for most people around age 27 and is completed by age 30. The trendy term would be “adulting” but there is loads of truth behind the shift people feel at my age. Since this is a regular planetary cycle people usually experience two more Saturn returns around ages 56-60 (maturity) and 84-90 (wisdom). Personally I have been feeling a strong pull away from my 20’s. In high anticipation of my 29th birthday next month, I can’t help and wonder when I’ll be at my full return. Have I made it?! Hopefully I don’t have any more spider bites coming my way, but I do feel like this road may stay curvy for a while.

                Yesterday I got lost in a park, twice. Taking more than 3 hours to walk an otherwise 1 hour journey we simply took whichever path looked most inviting, our intuition. It has taken me this long to trust my intuition. If that counts as some sort of spidey sense, I’ll take it. These lessons in detachment from the physical, mental discipline and trust, or love, are universal gifts that we all have access to. Adulthood is looking really good to me and I welcome it as it arrives with a heart full of gratitude. OH, and I’m definitely going to have my astrological chart done…

Sorry that you feel that way
The only thing there is to say
Every silver lining's got a
Touch of grey

I will get by, I will get by
I will get by, I will survive

-The Grateful Dead