Good Enough To Be True

                Yesterday someone used the phrase “too good to be true” and something strange happened in me; aversion, repulsion and pure disagreement. It’s as if our imagination of reality puts limits on what we hold to be reality. I say fuck that, I want the life that is too good to be true. I will hold out for the unbelievable friends, daily passion in pursuit of what I love and an unconditionally awesome family. In fact, I am responsible for seeing that beauty every single day. How could something be “too good”? And who are we to say so?

                As a struggling human I often eat too much ice cream, swear at strangers in the car, stay up too late and stress about bills each month… As a yogi I have a newfound respect for the challenges each day hold, as if everything we meet is just practice. When we approach life with love and respect for all things we are perfect. The yamas of Ashtanga yoga are ahimsa (non-harming or love), asteya (non-stealing), satya (truthfulness), aparigraha (non-hoarding) and brahmacharya (moderation or sacredness). I think this is a great place to start. It is not easy to wake up every day with open arms for this opportunity we call life, but with a little practice it gets easier and easier.

                The doors opened at Grateful Yoga just over 2 years ago, something that still feels like a dream today if not for the warmth and joy it brings to the community every day. Last night I was practicing Ashtanga at the studio with two strangers and two of the most regular students. From inhale to exhale there was nothing beyond truth, goodness and union. Today I publicly proclaim that I will no longer use the term “too good to be true” in hopes that the “goodest” and “truest” will always prevail in my own life and in the universe around me.