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Bend Your Back, Open Your Heart

w/ Sam Solum

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Bending our back opens our heart.

Most of our jobs / lives cause us to hunch over. Our natural response to fear is to curl inward to protect our most vulnerable part (the heart). 

Back-bending opens us up in the opposite direction, which exposes our hearts to the world. This can be scary at first but it helps to cultivate courage. Bending the back stimulates the heart chakra which can stir up a wide range of emotions. 

On a more physical level, backbends can improve our posture and alleviate back pain. They’re also invigorating and strengthening! 

In this workshop we will demystify Anahata chakra and discuss how it relates to back-bending. Then we will focus on connecting with our heart chakra through meditation and asana. Next we will warm up for backbends before exploring variations for several types of backbends and breaking down the mechanics for practicing and accessing these powerful postures! 

All levels welcome!

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