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Blue Moon Sound Bath

Sound Bath 

w/ Zach Cohen

Saturday March 31st, 7-8 pm


Join us for a relaxing south bath during the Blue Moon, the second full moon in March. We'll begin at 7:00 in daylight and move through sunset, twilight and into the night, ending at 8:00. 

By working primarily with crystal bowls, vocal toning, and his own hand crafted bamboo flutes, Zach Cohen leads us on this journey within. Dress comfortably! Mats and blankets will be provided at the studio. Cost is $15/person. Please message me to reserve your spot.

Full Description

Sound Bath with Zach Cohen: A Meditative Journey

Everything is in a state of vibration, including the human body. We resonate with and respond to a wide range of frequencies we encounter in our daily lives. During a sound bath, the frequencies presented are able to bring us into deeply meditative states, reduce mind chatter, and allow us to simply relax into who we are.

What is a sound bath?

The experience is about letting sound take you on an inward journey, making it easier to arrive in a relaxed state without complicating how to get there. Sound is the vehicle that allows you to explore deeper states of consciousness.

During a sound bath each person lies down on a mat in a comfortable position. After beginning with a short meditation, the sound work follows. In general the idea is to induce relaxation and explore internal questions in a non-analytical fashion.

How does it work?

On a scientific level, south baths are meant to help facilitate a shift in your brainwave state. Through frequency and entrainment with sound we move from our normal waking beta state through the more relaxed alpha state and into a meditative theta state. Many even reach a delta state; normally associated with sleep and dreaming, this is where deeper, more subconscious healing can occur. 

During the sound bath Zach works with many different fundamental principles, including harmonics, binaural beats, vocal toning and silence. The intent behind the work is also of great importance. During the sound bath, however, it’s important to practice moving out of our analytical minds and into the fullness of our energetic bodies.

Cost is $15 and pre-registration is highly recommended. To sign up visit the event facebook page by clicking here or contact Zach directly via!

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