Students are encouraged to practice at their own pace, creating a strong, safe and steady practice. Private and small group sessions are also available, whether you have a specific injury/worry/goal, have never practiced before or are hesitant to join the class setting. Contact Chrissy for one on one instruction that fits your schedule and lifestyle.


Asta means 8, anga means limb or angle, Ashtanga Yoga is a system developed from the 8 Limbs of Yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This series includes sun salutations, standing postures, forward folds, twists, vinyasas and inversions. The combination of breath, asana and internal heat (tapas) is a great way to detox the body and the mind. Sri K Pattabhi Jois, a Sanskrit scholar and student of Krishnamacharya, began teaching the primary series in the 20th century eventually traveling from Mysore, India to the United States.


At Grateful Yoga students are encouraged to practice the Intermediate Series as well as the Primary Series. This series targets cleansing the nervous system and includes deep back bends, arm balances and vinyasa elements. Primary and Intermediate are like parts one and two of an epic film or book, don't miss out on either one!!


A blend of the Primary and Second series. This class runs with the possibility of learning a few new transitions or variations on postures. You may even find some postures from the Advanced Series sprinkled in!


Community Ashtanga started outdoors in the summer of 2014 and is aimed at all ages practicing together.  Bring your kids, grandparents, friends, coworkers, partner or just yourself. Sangha is the sanskrit word for "community". Join us each Sunday as we explore, laugh, learn and grow together. Class is focused on the Ashtanga Primary Series but can take turns depending on who shows up! This super fun community class runs on a sliding scale fee, $1-$20, pay what you can!


Vinyasa is a way of being. Classes link yoga poses and transitions with ujjayi breath to create a unique flow. Postures vary from class to class so there is always a new challenge and some class favorites. The sweat, harmony, breath, balance and blissful after taste remain the same. Music is typically played in these classes.


Mellow flow classes are based around Chandra Namaskara, or Moon Salutations. This practice involves hip and heart openers at a more "mellow" pace. The moon sequences are a great balance to any Ashtanga/Vinyasa practice and are especially great for beginners because of the slightly slower pace.


Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to fully relax both the body and mind, often with the aid of props for a supported experience. As with many styles of yoga, some poses are beneficial to the entire body, while others target specific areas. Expect to stay in poses for 5 - 10 minutes for total relaxation.  This is a great compliment to active yoga and great for alleviating fatigue and stress. 


Kids Yoga is the class every yogi should take. Every week class opens and closes with a short mediation and chant. Each class explores a theme like animals, plants, things with wings, outer space, super heroes and much more! Kids have a chance to balance, strengthen, work together, try new things, express their creativity and make new friends. Classes cultivate community, peace, awareness, acceptance and love of all things. Contact us with any questions about ages, times, etc.


Finally a Yoga class just for teens! Resolve to have a healthy frame for viewing you in relation to all the demands of being a teenager. In the chaotic world of technology, homework, family commitments and social engagements it is difficult to find the time to focus on yourself. Through a guided yoga routine discover your best self!  You will learn how to develop inner and outer strength that allows you to feel strong, centered, and confident.  Of course will be flowing to rhythmic tunes and thoroughly enjoying ourselves as we fall out of poses.


This class has grown out of love for music, specifically the Grateful Dead. Chrissy grew up with the sounds of the Dead so playing live shows at class seemed like a natural move to make. A few years ago she and her friend Casi began teaching Grateful Yoga. Music can be meditative, it can turn off our brains and put us into the moment. Over time this class has evolved, students are encouraged to submit their favorite shows by any artist or group. In the age of electronic beats and sounds we welcome playlists of all kinds. 


Fridays at 12:15 = Vinyasa + Reggae music. Enjoy!!


The mantra + pranayama class is an opportunity to deepen your practice in other aspects of yoga. Pranayama is the practice of controlling our breath and prana, our vital life force, through certain techniques and exercises. Mantras, often in Sanskrit, are words or sounds that are typically repeated to aid in mediation and concentration. We start and end class with a brief grounding meditation and practice various mantras and pranayama in between. At the end of class you are left with a euphoric feeling after cleansing the body with pranayama and expressing your gratitude through mantra.

SUPYO: Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga


Yoga? on a Paddle Board? That's pretty much it. All levels are welcome. These classes are $30 if you need to rent a board, or $15 if you have your own. We launch near the Umiak booth in the beautiful Waterbury Center State Park are on the Waterbury Reservoir. Use the pin drop from the map!!

There is a State Park Fee of $4 to get into the park and for upkeep of there amazing facilities. We encourage you to support the State Park systems and buy a season pass to your local favorite or statewide!!